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The Smile Center-Don Foster, DDS Privacy Policy

Our website has been designed to provide information about our products and services. The information, tools, videos, social media links, reviews, and applications featured on our website are col-md-6lectively referred to as “The Smile Center-Don Foster, DDS services”.

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on October 28, 2015. Our Privacy Policy covers any information that is col-md-6lected about you and your activities while visiting our website, how that information is stored, and shared. Our Privacy Policy also covers the relationships we have with third parties and how your information may be shared with them.

What type of information do we col-md-6lect?
When you visit our website, we col-md-6lect any information that you give us. For example, if you fill out the contact form, that information will be stored on our website and sent to the appropriate contact at our company. We may also col-md-6lect information through web beacons, cookies, and other analytics that shows us how you came to view our website and whether or not it was through an advertisement. Additionally, if you share one of our web pages or blogs through your social media account, we will col-md-6lect information on that activity. We may also obtain information from publically available sources on your browsing activity and interests.

While we do not col-md-6lect personally sensitive data, we may col-md-6lect information on the device you are using to visit our website along with your geographic location in order to improve your user experience. From time to time, we or our partners may send a cookie or anonymous identifier to your device.

When the law requires it, we obtain a consent before col-md-6lecting and storing user information.

Partners that col-md-6lect information
By visiting our website, your information may also be gathered by Google since we use Google Analytics to provide us with information about our website and the visitors to it. If you reached our site through a different search engine, information might be gathered by them, as well. This information is for analytical purposes and col-md-6lected automatically when visiting our site. The information is not manually transferred and if you want more information on Google’s Privacy Policy, you can click here.

How the information is used
By understanding how a viewer came to visit our website and what they did there, we can improve the overall user experience of our visitors. By col-md-6lecting data, we can conduct research and identify ways that we can improve. We may use it to make changes to our website in order to make it more user-friendly or to improve the content on our site. In the future, this information may be used to improve your experience specifically or to make recommendations about how we can assist you.

If you filled out a contact form, your information would be used so that our staff can reach out to you via email or a phone call. Additionally, if you sign up to be on our email list, your information will be used so that we can send communication to you. We may also use your information to provide you with promotional offers or incentives to use our products and services. This may be on our website or other places across the Internet and be provided directly by us or one of our advertising partners.

With whom we share the information
When we col-md-6lect information about you, it is generally used for our purposes internally. We may share information with Google or our advertising partners for the purposes described above. We may also share your information with companies that provide services and support to us, as it pertains to them fulfilling their duties. If you comment on our blog posts or engage with us on social media, your profile information will be shared along with any comments that you post – typically this is viewable by the general public.

We do not share any personal or sensitive information without your consent. However, there may be instances where we are required to share your information by law and if so, will comply as necessary.

Protecting your information
We have taken steps to protect your information by restricting the access to your information to only select employees that would need it in order to perform their job duties. We also review our col-md-6lection and storage policies on a regular basis to determine if they need to be improved.

Your options
If you do not want us to contact you or if you do not want to receive our newsletters anymore, you can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of our emails. If you do not want information col-md-6lected about you and used throughout the web, from our website and others, you can opt-out by clicking the following links and going through the process.

Consumer Opt-Out
Online Behavioral Advertising Opt-Out

If you want, you can also change the settings on your browser to block all cookies. However, if you do that some of the opt-out services may no longer work.

If we update our Privacy Policy, it will be reflected here, on our website with a new effective date at the top of the page.

How to reach us
If you have questions about our Privacy Policy or how we col-md-6lect, store, and share data, you can email us using the form on our or call 865-292-6577. We will be happy to answer your questions.


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